Issue 2: Still Life – Call Out

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Open call for submissions

Be part of WerkHaus Zine, a collective place to document and re-imagine our urban lives and spaces. WerkHaus Zine is a print and digital publication of contemporary photography and writing related to photography. 

Issue 1 is on sale now, and we are pleased to announce our call for entries for Issue 2 – send us your work! Our theme for Issue 2 – as we in the UK enter another COVID lockdown – is “Still Life”.

A pile of zines, issue 1 of WerkHaus Zine.

Theme: Still Life

We are inviting you to make something new in response to this moment in time and in response to the words “Still Life”. We hope this will be a prompt to ourselves and our photographic peers to continue making work – even in a small way and even on the dark days – and to be part of a creative acknowledgement of the ways our lives are being changed.

We want this to go further than doorstep portraits, for people to interpret the words “Still Life” in different and varied ways, personal to them, their lives and their photographic practice.

Who can submit?

We take an expanded view of photography and welcome submissions from across disciplines. WerkHaus Zine is open to all, representing a range of views and ways of looking, styles and genres. It is open to photographers, researchers, photography writers, visual sociologists and artists who use photography in their practice.

We’d love to see your work, whether you are experienced or just starting out. We are open to your ideas and creative expressions.

What to submit?

We are looking for new work made now (during lockdown if you are UK based) thinking about the theme “Still Life”. It can be photography, artworks which use photography (e.g. collage) or writing related to photography.

To enter your work please send:

  • Photos / Artworks
    • Single images or a series (max. 6 images from one project) – please be clear which it is.
    • Images should be 300 dpi, minimum 3000 pixels wide – if you can make the file names easily recognisable that is helpful!
    • Title and description – 50 words to explain your image/project and how it links to the theme. We want to understand the intention behind your work.


  • Writing Short essays/ poetry/ writing
    • Up to 500 words to either accompany your artwork, or reflect on photography in some way.
    • It can be theoretical, creative or personal, but must relate to photography and the theme Still Life.
  • Your Details – For publication, if your entry is selected
    • Name
    • A bit about you (50 words)
    • Website
    • Instagram

How to submit?

Submit using this Google Form.

If that’s not accessible to you, you can email your work to – please ensure you have included everything we ask for. Incomplete entries won’t be considered.

DEADLINE: 18th Feb 2021

Other info

We know it takes confidence, time and energy to submit to open calls and we really appreciate you sharing your work with us. We will view and consider every entry we are sent and aim to make the zine something beneficial to be involved with in the following ways:

We will send feedback to everyone who would like to receive it. Let us know if you would want comments/thoughts from us when you submit.

Everyone who submits will be entitled to 3 copies of the zine, we just ask that you cover P&P costs.

The zine will be sent to curators, galleries and festivals to promote the work of everyone involved. 

Thank you and good luck!