Issue 2: Still Life

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Issue #2 Still Life

The second issue of WerkHaus Zine is out now in print and digital editions!

It celebrates and promotes contemporary urban photography and provides a platform to support our fellow photographers and share their work.

This Zine was produced during Covid-19 and is a reflection on this moment and the words Still Life.

WerkHaus is a print and digital zine which offers a collective place to document and re-imagine our urban lives and spaces.

31 photographers/artists are featured in Issue 2, selected from an open call put out during the third UK lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic. Artists were invited to make new work in response to the concept of Still Life, informed by the strange days of Covid.

We asked people to push beyond the Doorstep Portraits that had been everywhere during 2020, and to find a new way to think about the idea of stillness and of our lives in lockdown.

We tried to keep the process of applying as simple and open as possible, in order to make it inclusive, with the aim of being accessible to people who are often under-represented in the photography world. 

The open call had a fantastic response and out of 111 submissions 31 were selected. We looked at each artist’s work and how the different images worked together in relation to the theme. This was a challenging process as much of the work was of a very high standard.


Workhorse Collective would like to extend our congratulations to the contributors below on being selected for Issue 2 of WerkHaus Zine.

We would also like to thank all of those who responded to the open call and have interacted with us via our social media accounts. It’s been great to meet lots of new artists and photographers and explore their work.

We are grateful to our contributors for their patience with the production process of this issue, which was slowed down by the impacts of the pandemic on the three of us who make up Workhorse Collective.

We hope you all are as excited as we are about the launch of WerkHaus Zine Issue #2: Still Life featuring:

  • Adam Stent
  • Ania Ready
  • Aram Tanis
  • Audrey Gillespie
  • Becky Morris Knight
  • Bethany Flint
  • Bronagh May O’Connor
  • Catalina Aranguren
  • Chris Lael Larson
  • Darren O’Brien
  • Emil Schneider
  • Julie Hamel
  • Kat Huber
  • Kinga Owczenniko
  • Lea Elm
  • Lee Gavin
  • Leonidas Kosmidis
  • Luke Hayes
  • Marcia Pitch
  • Marina Tsaregorodtseva
  • Nick Tarasov
  • Olga Rerbo
  • Paul Rideout
  • Roz Pike
  • Ruby Deverell
  • Steve Jones
  • T. Brian Hager
  • Tallulah Greenwood
  • Tony Bowen
  • Trevor Coppersmith
  • Verity Adriana

WerkHaus Zine – Issue 2 is available to purchase now. Get an A5 full colour printed copy, or a high-quality digital PDF, from the Workhorse Collective shop. Click the button below to pick up a copy (or two!).