Issue 3: And isn’t it better really to leave things only hinted at?

Werkhaus Zine logo

Issue #3

The third issue of WerkHaus Zine is out now in print and digital editions!

It celebrates and promotes contemporary urban photography and provides a platform to support our fellow photographers and share their work.

The theme for this zine is drawn from the writings of Junichiro Tanizaki and asks the artists to consider what the role of subtlety and nuance is in photography, the virtue of sensory experience, shadows and depth.

Cover image: Sylwia Ciszewska-Peciak

WerkHaus is a print and digital zine which offers a collective place to document and re-imagine our urban lives and spaces.

34 photographers and artists are featured in our biggest issue yet, selected from an open call. We invited responses to our theme which gave a creative interpretation of Tanizaki’s words.

As always, we try to keep the process of applying as simple and open as possible, in order to make it inclusive, with the aim of being accessible to people who are often under-represented in the photography world. 


Workhorse Collective would like to extend our congratulations to the contributors below on being selected for Issue 3 of WerkHaus Zine.

This issue features some familiar names who have been included before as well as artists who are new to us. There are established photographers and people who are early in their career.

We would also like to thank all of those who responded to the open call and have interacted with us via our social media accounts. It’s been great to meet lots of new artists and photographers and explore their work.

We hope you all are as excited as we are about the launch of WerkHaus Zine Issue #3: And isn’t it better really, to leave things only hinted at? featuring:

  • Agnes Zimmermann
  • Alister Hayes
  • Andrew Morris
  • Becky Morris Knight
  • Bethany Flint
  • Christophe Lepage
  • Claire Sargent
  • Colin Templeton
  • Cristina Paveri
  • Daniel Keys
  • David Kendall
  • Emma Constantine & Ruth Taylor
  • Federica Mambrini
  • Florian Sachisthal
  • Gavin Li
  • Graeme Hutton
  • Isaac Law
  • Jeroen Brejou
  • John Pemberton
  • Judith Hornbogen
  • Justin Carey
  • Kat Huber
  • Lee Gavin
  • Marna Slappendel
  • Maura Mahon
  • Nancy Forde
  • Nicholas Herrmann
  • Paul B Baker
  • Paul Halliday
  • Ray Knox
  • Sylwia Ciszewska-Peciak
  • Victoria Likholyot
  • Qiunan Li

WerkHaus Zine – Issue 3 is available to purchase now. Get an A5 full colour printed copy, or a high-quality digital PDF, from the Workhorse Collective shop. Click the button below to pick up a copy (or two!).